What is a dental crown?

A dental crown, also known as a dental cap, is a tooth-shaped covering that is placed over a damaged or weakened tooth to protect it and restore its function. The crown is designed to completely cover the visible part of the tooth above the gum line, and is typically made from materials such as porcelain, ceramic, or metal alloys.

Dental crowns are often used to repair teeth that are severely decayed, cracked, or broken, or to improve the appearance of teeth that are misshapen or discolored. They can also be used to anchor a dental bridge, cover a dental implant, or to protect a tooth after a root canal procedure.

Repair broken teeth with strong and esthetic crowns and bridges

The process of getting a dental crown typically involves two appointments with a dentist. During the first appointment, the tooth is prepared by removing any decay or damage, and a mold or impression is taken of the tooth and surrounding area. This mold is then sent to a dental laboratory where the custom-made crown is fabricated. At the second appointment, the crown is placed and adjusted to ensure a comfortable and natural fit.

What are the advantages of a dental crown over a regular filling?

While both dental crowns and regular fillings can be used to repair damaged teeth, dental crowns offer several advantages over regular fillings:

  • 1

    Greater strength and durability: Dental crowns are made from strong and durable materials such as porcelain, ceramic, or metal alloys, which can withstand greater pressure and wear than the materials used for regular fillings.

  • 2

    Better protection for the tooth: Dental crowns completely cover the damaged tooth, providing better protection and support than regular fillings, which only fill in the damaged area.

  • 3

    Improved aesthetics: Dental crowns can be customized to match the color and shape of your natural teeth, making them a more aesthetically pleasing option than regular fillings, which can be visible when you smile or speak.

  • 4

    Longer lifespan: With proper care and maintenance, dental crowns can last for many years, while regular fillings may need to be replaced more frequently.

  • 5

    Restores function: Dental crowns can restore the function of a damaged or weakened tooth, allowing you to bite and chew with greater comfort and confidence.

Overall, dental crowns can provide a more long-lasting and cosmetically pleasing solution for repairing damaged teeth, while regular fillings may be more suitable for smaller areas of damage. Your dentist can help determine which option is best for your specific dental needs.

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a type of dental restoration used to replace one or more missing teeth. It typically consists of a prosthetic tooth (or teeth) that is anchored in place by one or more dental crowns that are placed on the adjacent teeth or several implants. The bridge is then cemented or bonded (or screwed in if implant supported) in place to fill the gap caused by the missing tooth or teeth.

Bridges are typically made of porcelain, ceramic or zirconia materials that closely match the color of the natural teeth, and they can be a good option for people who are missing one or more teeth but still have healthy teeth on either side of the gap.

Repair broken teeth with strong and esthetic crowns and bridges

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